Safety coming to Highway 20

As many of us driver’s know, highway 20 between Albany and Corvallis can be a difficult drive. Due to it being one lane on each side, not having much of an emergency lanes.

In Albany we have two ways to get into Corvallis, highway 34 or high 20. It’s preference for most drivers. Highway 34 has two lanes on each side and can get hectic also.

My preference is highway 34 because to me I feel safer. Highway 20 scares me being only one lane each side. I like having two the two lanes. Having two lanes to me means one fast lane and a slow lane. Also you can pass another driver safely with two lanes. Unlike 20 where if you try on 20, you would have to make sure no oncoming traffic was there before passing.

Also being the one way it can get a little tricky with the left lane turns from the properties along highway 20. You also get school buses having to pick up or drop off kids during the school year.

Highway 20 will be getting safety updates, to know what updates check out the article here.


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