The Safety of Albany OR

As you know Albany Oregon isn’t a big town. We don’t have our own news channel. We do though have our town newspaper the Albany Democrat Herald. That has it’s own website but they only give us so many free articles a month online. You can also follow them on Facebook where you can see headlines and such.

They have a public safety log section that includes crimes that are reported and not made into the top headlines. Which I notice are normally car accidents, drug busts, and the other harsh crimes. It basically has the smaller crimes. We have the typical thefts that most towns have. There’s no stopping that.

We have more property crime than violent crimes in our town, I’m not saying we haven’t had murders or rapes. We just don’t have as many. In 2014, we had a crime spree. A suspect murdered a woman and raped another at gunpoint. He was caught and it did shake up our town. It was hard to believe because it happens rarely.

A few weeks ago we had an armed robbery. It was hard to believe, there were hostages, and one man armed. I read the article a few times. People weren’t staying away, they watch SWAT show up. They were wondering what is going on. It’s not normal for us here in Albany Oregon. For more on that incident you can read here.

That’s Albany safety. We our incidents like every town. I feel safe here but then again I’m from Southern California. Which is a completely different area than what I’m in now.


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