The Dreaded Moment: Time to Organize and Pack

It’s that time, the time when you get excited. Because it’s almost time that you will be going to your new home but then you remember one thing. Getting ready and what that entails.

Well first thing first, you obviously have to start packing and going through your items. There are many ways to go about it. It may seem tedious but the job must be done.

So first start with things that aren’t non-essential. Things you won’t need right away or depending on the season, seasonal stuff can be packed away. But still should go through it. Everything needs to be gone through.

Why does everything need be gone through? Because you want to make sure you want to move it. So you may have to hold a garage sale, but otherwise you are going to end up with three categories: keep, giveaway, or trash. I know it sounds annoying, and you wonder why bother?

Well maybe not everything will fit in the new place if you are downsizing. Or maybe you don’t use it anymore. Maybe you have been holding on to it cause you thought, you would use it again one day? Well the time too truly think about it has come. Also make sure to leave just the necessities the closer to move date. That way all you need to do is load and go.

Then make sure you take care of the bills and changing of address for things. Don’t want to make the mistake of not changing that. That way all your mail and is going to right place. Also if you have utilities you need to tie up on your end.


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