How to Welcome the New Year’s Eve with Little Ones

It’s that time of year again, New Year’s Eve. The little ones want to say goodbye to their schedule and stay up with to celebrate. Well if there are a few ways you can pull this off. This only works for little ones that don’t pay attention to clocks and such. Otherwise you will get busted. Kids these days are getting clever.

The first way is the very old school technique. You pretend and throw the party yourself. You countdown yourself, maybe drop a your own ball, and have some kind of apple juice so they feel older themselves.

Another way is going to require Netflix if you have it. Netflix has made programs that will countdown long before midnight. They range from many of their kid shows and for a bit older have Fuller House.

If you have seen Fuller House season 2, you know what the New Year’s eve fake out is. Jackson and Friends attempt to pull this on his younger brother Max. In the end if doesn’t work. But hopefully for you it does.

This year New Year’s Eve is on a Saturday night. You might forgo the two options and let them stay up or at least attempt to. Which is also cool. It’s always fun to watch them try to older until morning comes and they are groggy. So however you celebrate with your little ones, make sure to photos. They don’t stay young forever.


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