Stay Warm

As you can tell this January is a cold one. We’ve been getting weather in the 20’s, ice, snow, and rain. Definitely feels colder than last year, that’s for sure.

I ask everyone only to go out if you have to. If you don’t feel comfortable driving and it’s icy, call in. Also stay in touch with work just in case they do close, though not everyone is afforded this luxury like emergency services and such.

If more snow comes in, drive safe and take it slowly out there. If you have chains put them on. Remember they go on the back wheels.

If you have little ones. Make sure to keep track of the school schedule. I know sometimes they can be confusing on closures and delayed openings. If they want to go out in the snow, make sure to bundle them up. It’s flu season and it’s been big this season.

Make sure all out door animals are taken care of. Don’t need any animals miserable also in this weather.

Stay warm everyone. Be safe.


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