Day 1- How did I get in Real Estate

Getting into Real Estate was interesting for me. I actually never thought about being a Realtor, when I was younger. It wasn’t until I was in college I ever had it in my mind. It wasn’t something I was building my future for. It kind of collided into my life as an option at the right time.

Like I said I was in college at the time. I wasn’t going for myself, so I wasn’t happy. We started house hunting, my family and I. I got intrigued when we went around house hunting and our agent was amazing.

I enjoyed it, and started thinking, maybe I could do this. So I started asking our Realtor what it took and started researching myself. Every state is different. I’ll go more into schooling in another post.

But this is I got into it. Everyone has a different way family, friends, or just life.




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