Day 2- What You Need to Do to Start to become an Agent

Becoming an agent is easier than it sounds. You just have to do the work and take the time to do it. I found out there are a few things to do to become an agent.

You have to be 18 and have a high school diploma, GED, or international equivalent. Those are the first things you need to have before starting the process. You have to do education for it. Figure what’s best for you. I took my schooling at Linn Benton Community College.

If you are 18 and feel like you want to become an agent, don’t let it scare you. Yes, your age may be against you. I started my schooling in late 2014 and didn’t get licensed until 2015. I will go more in detail later of that timeline. I still get asked if I’m in high school, I take it in stride.

There a more things to do and I will be breaking it down each day. But if you want to know more this link here will help.



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