Day 3- Schooling

No matter what you will need schooling to become a broker. Broker is the actual title instead of agents. Realtor is something that happens later also.

I had two options to do my schooling. I was able to do it by online course or at the local community college.  It all depends where you are. Linn Benton Community College had a real estate class taught by a Real Estate Broker. For me, I like being able to ask a person questions. The class was only once a week for three hours and we had homework.

We also used an online schooling system. We had to have so many hours done and that’s for all schooling. You have to pass your course with a certain level of grade. Also while I was in the class they had me register and pay my $230.

Also included in your schooling here in Oregon that I know of is property management. The hardest sections for me were the longest sections, Law and Finance. I took my schooling in fall of 2014. Things are still in the same sections but might have updated info.

Hopefully that was helpful to you guys. It boils down to how you learn. No matter what you have to do so many hours, so be ready for that. I enjoyed my schooling a lot.




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