Day 4- Real Estate Test

After schooling, you have a few steps left before you become a full fledged real estate broker.

After schooling comes the biggest hurdle for some, the test. The test actually involves two but you take both at the same time. One part is the state test and the other is national. You have to pass with a certain percentage on both tests.

It’s multiple choice and the national test is the largest. You have a time limit for each test and it’s not open book. You are allowed a basic calculator, scratch paper, and an amortization  sheet.

When finished it tells you if you passed or failed. There is a possibility for you to just pass one part while failing the other. You will just have to retake it. They do charge you full price just for one test. It can add up.

Honestly myself I persevered. I found out I have test anxiety. I would always miss it by two or one. I knew the information. Also at the end of the test they give you a print out how many you got right. It went detailed to say how many questions for each section for example: law, property management, and etc.

I studied a lot. I ended up have to read the questions out loud silently though. I was reading with saying the words without my voice. And finally I made it. I passed the national test on my eighth try, my state took fourteen but I refused to give up.

When I finally passed I did my fingerprints there for the background check. I was so happy. Don’t feel pressured. Just relax and take the test.



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