Day 5- Last Step to become Broker

Finally you have finished schooling and passed your test. Your background test has also passed. The final step is to have your licensed transfer to a company. Hopefully you already have decided where you will land. I knew because of how I got interested in Real Estate. Most of us have friends, maybe family, or like me we meet an agent cause of looking for a house.

I highly suggest you get to know agents and the companies they work for if you are going in without knowing anyone. Get to know people. Wherever you land your coworker’s are going to be a big asset for you. They will help you.

You may start off on a team or on your own. But in reality you are never alone. You will always have questions especially in the beginning. And still after that. Never be afraid to ask for help. Remember the clients you are helping, you are helping them with one of their biggest choices in life. You are there to help them.

So look into the companies around you. Set up a meeting with someone their to ask questions. I knew I was joining Keller Williams. So when I passed and got everything I needed done. I signed on. When you sign on they receive your license after they submit the paperwork. That’s how you become a broker. But just know you’re schooling isn’t complete. You will have to renew your license. Also if there is anything new coming up, most likely a class about it.

Hopefully that helps.



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