Day 6- The Beginning

Now that you have signed on with a company. Make sure to start meeting others in your company even the ones in different towns. Your best source of knowledge is your fellow agents. Also keep a calendar that your work may give out with dates of classes or topics to talk about.

Like I said before your schooling is never complete you will always be learning. Also you will need continuing education credits to renew your license. So keep up on top of that.

If you decide to have your office at home, still go in to the office a bit. Make it part of your week. Mark it in a daily calendar. A daily calendar will help a lot if you time slot everything. Of course in this job things change and appointments have to happen while you lead gen. Just make sure to mark it in your calendar what you do and don’t do.

This is just the beginning. Time management will become your best friend eventually.



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