Day 7- Friends and Family

Friends and Family will become some of your biggest assets. They know you and will share you with others. Also when they have real estate needs they can come to you. So make sure to share with news with them and keep up with them.

Go out and make new friends. Get to know your community. Build relationships because that will be key in this job. Also always follow up. If it’s a couple get to know both.Why? Because that can be a cause of losing their business. If you don’t know the significant other and they decide to buy a house. If the other doesn’t know you, they may suggest using someone else.

So remember to always remind friends and family that you are in real estate even if they are in other states or cities. Don’t worry if you are worried that you won’t get help from that. It might just take a bit and that’s why you follow up and keep reminding them.



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