Day 10- Calendar

As an agent, I noticed I forget days more than ever. And us agents quite a bit ask what day it is. We have multiple calendars. I mean we are always around our phone and these days they are smart phones. Which means they have a calendar. But yet sometime during the day we will ask what day it is.

Our job once we get contract going we have dates to supply our clients and we can be on top of that but it can get overwhelming depending  on business. Also in your down time days bleed together.

I myself use a phone, daily planner and any calendar I can check around home or office. My daily planner has every thing in it from dates to times. Becomes your best friend. Some use a giant calendar in their office. I like planner cause I can carry it. And have more details than my phone.

Also make sure to keep your client up to date one everything. They only have so many days to do things. And make sure you understand difference between calendar days and business days. Those do make a big difference.



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