Day 16- Tattoos in the Real Estate Industry

As I’ve most likely stated before I have tattoos. Nothing vulgar or anything bad really. I mean all of mine are easy to cover up. It’s not because I’m a shamed, it’s to make my clients, who don’t like them, comfortable.

Yes, it’s modern day and tattoos aren’t taboo much really.  My company doesn’t mind my tats. I currently have four so far. Key words so far. I do have plans for more but that’s my personal choice. Each one has a meaning for me and I waited until my mid-twenties to get my first. Honestly my four tattoos I have right now I got all in one year.

My first one was about two months after I started this job. And it’s the easiest one to see. It’s my parents’ last name. It’s in honor of my dad. The others are things that make me, me. And I love them. I can tell from first meeting with clients if they will be okay seeing them.

So if you have tattoos, don’t feel like this job isn’t for you. There are agents that use their tattoos to brand themselves, like Tattooed Realtor and others. So don’t be shy. Just get a feel from your clients. It back to the topic of how you should dress.


New Beginnings

I will be having a new beginnings on the blog. Instead of writing about things around town and such. I will be sharing my experiences and stuff of me being a new agent.

I’ve barely been in the business for almost a year and if I can impart anything beneficial to people who may be interested.

My goal is to post something everyday, hopefully that’s helpful.


Living and Moving with a Pet

Well some may be moving to new area, have to upgrade, or downsize. There’s a reason normally for the move. While you’re thinking what about my furry child be it a cat or dog. It’s hard living with a pet these days if you are renting. Either you aren’t allowed pets, you have to pay extra, or you get the one lucky place that doesn’t mind. But if you can’t find that magical place then comes the question that’s the hardest, what do I do?

So begins the search of a rental. You find out you have to pay extra for the pet. Extra security and extra for rent. You start thinking is it worth putting that much money in? Or you keep finding places that just say no!

So then you start thinking, do I have to find a new home for the furry family member. (I use family member because that’s exactly what they are.) And of course, you want a safe home for them that will be loving to them. They are already sensing the tension of the move. So you want to make it easy for them too. The last resort is the local shelter.

Well then, instead of renting, have you thought of buying? You can almost have the same payments as you pay for rent. It’s just making sure you are checking everything and such. Have a good lender and such who can help you out. Have a real estate broker who understands what you are looking and what you can afford after you talk to a lender.

This way you are no longer renting and have home for the whole family. Or if it’s just you and your pet, still a great thing for the future.

Also if you are buying in the city of Albany, you can only have 2 dogs older than 8 weeks old. Once you are in the outer areas, you can have more. So make sure to look up what the policy is where you decide to move.

Tips for Preparing to List your House

Being a Real estate agent, I know it’s not just about the price that sells a home. Price is just one factor, location is another, the market is a third factor but the other factor you can actually control?


Your house will be judged for how it looks unfortunately. Something that may be fine for you, may not be for potential buyers. I will say condition is the one thing that you can control and you do not need to hire someone to stage. These are things that you can do yourself. Especially if you are worried you may need to hire someone.

Let’s start with the outdoors:

  • Keep the yard nice. Get it cut, keep it trimmed, and declutter it.
  • Also think about a new welcome mat. You may an old one that you just love, which is fine. Just put it away for your new place.
  • Clean your house numbers, it looks good but also buyers and agents can see the numbers when looking for the house. If you need ones, replace them.
  • Trim trees and bushes
  • Power wash home’s exterior, driveway, walkway, patio, and deck.
  • If the house needs painting, consider it.
  • Ensure all gutters and downspouts are firmly attached and functioning.
  • Tighten and clean all door handles.
  • Clean windows inside and out.


  • Make sure outside light, if it has one is clean and works. Which means clean cobwebs and such.
  • Check that the doorbell works properly.
  • The door is in working order, that it opens easy and not a fight to open.
  • Once inside, make sure it’s free of clutter. Shoes, extra coats, and others are free of the area.

Every room in the house:

  • Go through your home room by room and pack up 30% of your stuff. Want it as clutter free as possible.
  • Clean wood floors
  • Clean cobwebs out
  • Make minors repairs (torn screens, sticking doors, cracked caulking.)
  • If you have pets, make sure to get rid of pet odors.
  • Clean all lights fixtures and ceilings.

Kitchen and Dining room:

  • Declutter counter of appliances that can be removed such as coffee maker, toast, etc.
  • If cabinets show some wear and tear, might be good to paint them. Also can replace knobs with new ones to make them look updated.
  • Make sure the counters are clean and shiny.
  • Keep garbage and recycle out of sight.
  • Make sure to keep it odor free.


  • If you have a shower curtain, a new one may go a long way.
  • Keep the sink area clutter free.
  • Have personal hygiene and hair products away.
  • Check faucets for leaks, drips, or disrepair.
  • Keep shower spotless along with tubs.
  • Clean tiles and bleach, also check grout.

Make the bedroom look big:

  • Make sure kids toys are in bins and out of sight.
  • Make sure the bed looks neat.
  • Keep closets organized


  • Keep a clean desk.
  • Don’t leave clunky file cabinets around.
  • Make sure all personal and confidential is out of site.
  • If it is part of another room, make sure it doesn’t take over the function of the original room.

Basement/Laundry spaces:

  • Clean and polish washer and dryer.
  • If you have unfinished concrete floors, paint them if you want to make it cleaner.

The garage:

  • If you work in the garage and such, check the floor, if it needs to be hosed down, please do.
  • Make sure the garage is not over stuff.

All this can help you. Remember you are trying to sell your home, hoping someone will see it as their new home. You want them to be enticed.