Day 19- Confidence

Confidence is very important in this job. I mean when I first started and still to this day I question myself. This is really my first job. So I don’t have a lot of confidence.

This job you can do training and reading. But to build your confidence, throw yourself in the deep end. Just go.

I have no problem asking for help when before this job. I was way too prideful to ask for help but now I do. Because you want to help out your client to the best of your abilities. Don’t be afraid to tell them I need to ask a coworker for help.

It’s the only way to learn. You learn by experience. Go out wear your name tag, say hi to people. Make sure your name tag is readable. Go to office parties or meetings. Get to know your fellow agents.

Practice your listing and buying packs with friends or family. Keller Williams has script practices. Get a partner to practice with. Just get to the point you are comfortable. The confidence will come as time goes on. Just don’t be afraid.