Day 15- Continuing Education

Once you are with a company and sign on with them. Depending when it falls after or before after your birthday lets you know when you have to renew your license. The first year may be even up to 2 years.

I have until 2018 cause I signed on right after my birthday in 2016. Which is nice means I don’t have to worry about renewal fees for a bit. You will take thirty hour class basically. Three hours is LARRC and the other 27 hours is brokerage and such. Mostly taken online. I have taken a LARRC class. Also I was lucky an agent from another company was offering it for free. CE stands for Continuing Education.

Make sure you have your elicense set up to your work email. It’s the one you check the most in life I have noticed. That way when you start getting the reminders that your renewal is coming up.

You have until the end of your birthday month to renew. If you don’t you can not practice any real estate business until you do.