Day 20- Holidays

I think holidays are one of the easiest ways to advertise. Candy bags or mugs with candy given out for free with business card. These days free stuff for people, is a nice thing. Also if you give them out by hand with smile, shows how much more you care.

I  know an agent, she does Easter egg for kids. She does it in her farming area. I think that is fun and great for kids in the neighborhood. Also gets you involved with the community. So like I said holidays for it.

It’s a good way to get exposure. Holidays give you themes and easy ways to plan how to advertise yourself around that time.


How to Welcome the New Year’s Eve with Little Ones

It’s that time of year again, New Year’s Eve. The little ones want to say goodbye to their schedule and stay up with to celebrate. Well if there are a few ways you can pull this off. This only works for little ones that don’t pay attention to clocks and such. Otherwise you will get busted. Kids these days are getting clever.

The first way is the very old school technique. You pretend and throw the party yourself. You countdown yourself, maybe drop a your own ball, and have some kind of apple juice so they feel older themselves.

Another way is going to require Netflix if you have it. Netflix has made programs that will countdown long before midnight. They range from many of their kid shows and for a bit older have Fuller House.

If you have seen Fuller House season 2, you know what the New Year’s eve fake out is. Jackson and Friends attempt to pull this on his younger brother Max. In the end if doesn’t work. But hopefully for you it does.

This year New Year’s Eve is on a Saturday night. You might forgo the two options and let them stay up or at least attempt to. Which is also cool. It’s always fun to watch them try to older until morning comes and they are groggy. So however you celebrate with your little ones, make sure to photos. They don’t stay young forever.

Zoo Lights

It’s that time of year again…

The Oregon Zoo’s infamous Zoo lights are back.  Below is the schedule and pricing courtesy of the the Oregon Zoo’s website.


Make sure to dress warmly. Also if you follow the facebook page, it will post if they have to cancel that night due to weather. Also following their facebook page means seeing cute animal videos and other news about the zoo. If you want to find the facebook page, just click here.

The Oregon Zoo is already beautiful as it is throughout the year. I try to go at least twice a year. Spring and Fall is the normal time. I try to go before school is out for summer and after school starts so I can be comfortable without  it being crowded. I can deal with crowds, just at the zoo I want to be able to watch the river otters for a hour without being in the way.

I haven’t made it to the zoo lights yet but it’s on my list of visits in Oregon.

Christmas Storybook Land

It’s post-Thanksgiving and Black Friday, hopefully all you guys that went out shopping were safe and warm. Speaking of warm, you have probably noticed we have gotten colder now that we are starting December. So make sure to stay bundle up, cold weather means flus and such.

What’s there to do in Albany during this cheery holiday?

We have our Christmas Storybook Land that started on the 2nd of December and ends the 16th of December. It’s located 3700 Knox Butte Rd, Albany OR. The hours are Monday thru Friday 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 8:30 pm. Here you get to walk through a Christmas setting forest and see many scaled down scenes from different mother goose rhymes and more. The price of this venue is free but they are open to donations of canned food or personal hygiene items for the less fortunate.

For more details check out the site here.

If you are interested in moving to Albany OR, my contact info is on the blog.