Day 20- Holidays

I think holidays are one of the easiest ways to advertise. Candy bags or mugs with candy given out for free with business card. These days free stuff for people, is a nice thing. Also if you give them out by hand with smile, shows how much more you care.

I  know an agent, she does Easter egg for kids. She does it in her farming area. I think that is fun and great for kids in the neighborhood. Also gets you involved with the community. So like I said holidays for it.

It’s a good way to get exposure. Holidays give you themes and easy ways to plan how to advertise yourself around that time.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

The end of the year has come. Have a good New Year with friends, family, or however you decide to celebrate it.

If you decide to buy or sell your house in this coming year in Albany Oregon. Contact me. My information is on this blog. The Facebook link takes you to my page which also has my information.

Happy New Year!!!


Zoo Lights

It’s that time of year again…

The Oregon Zoo’s infamous Zoo lights are back.  Below is the schedule and pricing courtesy of the the Oregon Zoo’s website.


Make sure to dress warmly. Also if you follow the facebook page, it will post if they have to cancel that night due to weather. Also following their facebook page means seeing cute animal videos and other news about the zoo. If you want to find the facebook page, just click here.

The Oregon Zoo is already beautiful as it is throughout the year. I try to go at least twice a year. Spring and Fall is the normal time. I try to go before school is out for summer and after school starts so I can be comfortable without  it being crowded. I can deal with crowds, just at the zoo I want to be able to watch the river otters for a hour without being in the way.

I haven’t made it to the zoo lights yet but it’s on my list of visits in Oregon.