Day 19- Confidence

Confidence is very important in this job. I mean when I first started and still to this day I question myself. This is really my first job. So I don’t have a lot of confidence.

This job you can do training and reading. But to build your confidence, throw yourself in the deep end. Just go.

I have no problem asking for help when before this job. I was way too prideful to ask for help but now I do. Because you want to help out your client to the best of your abilities. Don’t be afraid to tell them I need to ask a coworker for help.

It’s the only way to learn. You learn by experience. Go out wear your name tag, say hi to people. Make sure your name tag is readable. Go to office parties or meetings. Get to know your fellow agents.

Practice your listing and buying packs with friends or family. Keller Williams has script practices. Get a partner to practice with. Just get to the point you are comfortable. The confidence will come as time goes on. Just don’t be afraid.




Day 18- Advertisement

Advertisement is another way to lead gen and get yourself out there. One thing you have to make sure is when you first start keep advertisement cost low. Flyers make them yourself. Find out you agencies advertisement policies and make sure it meets to code for it.

The less money spent the better. That way you aren’t wasting money you may not get back. I do different things. I do flyers. I blog which doesn’t cost me anything really. I also do candy bags around holidays and such. I try to have a specific niche where I give out the bags.

Business cards I get from vistaprint and they get here pretty quickly. Really good price too. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.

Cold calling can get expensive since it may be a service and remember all agents that pay for that service has access to those numbers.

So remember sometimes simple and creative is all you need.

Day 17- Lead Generation

Lead generating. May be what I may call the one thing I probably don’t like much in this industry. Yet it is so important.

A lot agents do cold calling. Some still do the door to door visits. More likely in the warmer months to come depending where you live. You are going to spend a few hours a day for this.

So find what works best for you. You want to be confident and comfortable in this job. Don’t feel like you are forcing it or uncomfortable. People will sense that.

It took me a while to fine out what good way to lead gen. And always remind your friends and family. That’s another way to lead gen.


Day 11- Dress to Impress?

In the real estate business always in the past, you see business attire. Suit, tie, and all for guys. While ladies dresses, skirts, or the power suit. These days it’s still that way but some agents also go by clients.

The weather up here in Albany Or, can be tricky. We have all four seasons. We have a winter that is chilly and sometimes brings snow and ice. Spring we have rain and sunshine. Summer is getting hot and sunny. Fall we have the change of color and some rain.

Dress to be comfortable. Dress to impress. If you wear jeans wear a nice top. You can tell about how to dress after your first meeting with clients. I have agents who wear shorts during the warmer months. I wear dresses during the winter with leggings.

Also with first meetings no matter what I have my arms covered. I have a tattoo on my lower left arm that can be seen if I have my sleeves rolled up. it’s just out of courtesy because not everyone is a fan of them. Just like I’m more casual than straight business in clothes.

So just figure it out and see where you are comfortable.


Day 10- Calendar

As an agent, I noticed I forget days more than ever. And us agents quite a bit ask what day it is. We have multiple calendars. I mean we are always around our phone and these days they are smart phones. Which means they have a calendar. But yet sometime during the day we will ask what day it is.

Our job once we get contract going we have dates to supply our clients and we can be on top of that but it can get overwhelming depending  on business. Also in your down time days bleed together.

I myself use a phone, daily planner and any calendar I can check around home or office. My daily planner has every thing in it from dates to times. Becomes your best friend. Some use a giant calendar in their office. I like planner cause I can carry it. And have more details than my phone.

Also make sure to keep your client up to date one everything. They only have so many days to do things. And make sure you understand difference between calendar days and business days. Those do make a big difference.


Day 9- Relationships

Relationships?! Not the type you may be thinking of. Our job is built on relationships. Be it with lenders, title companies, coworkers, clients, family, or friends. Always keep in touch with everyone.

Make sure to always remind them you are in the business. If they are family and close friends, give them some of your business cards. These relationships is going to be your biggest asset in this job.

Lenders if you refer people to them may refer back. See there is a point to it all. Make sure to always make connections and grow them. Make friends. This job is all about socialism basically. So make sure you like people. And if you don’t learn. Get out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there.

It’s daunting thinking of it that way but you will grow and become a better person in a way. Become a new you but still be you. Don’t be afraid of it.

Day 8- Realtor?

As you have learned when you go to school for real estate license. You become a broker. Well Realtor is an association. In Oregon, if the head of your office is a Realtor, everyone in that office must be a Realtor.

You have to go to an orientation and then also complete the code of ethics. Not hard compared to the schooling we did to become a broker. So that’s really nice. Make sure to follow the instructions that they give you to submit that you completed the code of ethics.

That’s really it to become a Realtor. You get inducted and have to go to one of the meetings for the induction. It’s a really nice thing. You get a  Realtor pin and a certificate. Plus you get to meet others which is always good. And it’s not just people from your company.


Day 7- Friends and Family

Friends and Family will become some of your biggest assets. They know you and will share you with others. Also when they have real estate needs they can come to you. So make sure to share with news with them and keep up with them.

Go out and make new friends. Get to know your community. Build relationships because that will be key in this job. Also always follow up. If it’s a couple get to know both.Why? Because that can be a cause of losing their business. If you don’t know the significant other and they decide to buy a house. If the other doesn’t know you, they may suggest using someone else.

So remember to always remind friends and family that you are in real estate even if they are in other states or cities. Don’t worry if you are worried that you won’t get help from that. It might just take a bit and that’s why you follow up and keep reminding them.


Day 6- The Beginning

Now that you have signed on with a company. Make sure to start meeting others in your company even the ones in different towns. Your best source of knowledge is your fellow agents. Also keep a calendar that your work may give out with dates of classes or topics to talk about.

Like I said before your schooling is never complete you will always be learning. Also you will need continuing education credits to renew your license. So keep up on top of that.

If you decide to have your office at home, still go in to the office a bit. Make it part of your week. Mark it in a daily calendar. A daily calendar will help a lot if you time slot everything. Of course in this job things change and appointments have to happen while you lead gen. Just make sure to mark it in your calendar what you do and don’t do.

This is just the beginning. Time management will become your best friend eventually.


Day 2- What You Need to Do to Start to become an Agent

Becoming an agent is easier than it sounds. You just have to do the work and take the time to do it. I found out there are a few things to do to become an agent.

You have to be 18 and have a high school diploma, GED, or international equivalent. Those are the first things you need to have before starting the process. You have to do education for it. Figure what’s best for you. I took my schooling at Linn Benton Community College.

If you are 18 and feel like you want to become an agent, don’t let it scare you. Yes, your age may be against you. I started my schooling in late 2014 and didn’t get licensed until 2015. I will go more in detail later of that timeline. I still get asked if I’m in high school, I take it in stride.

There a more things to do and I will be breaking it down each day. But if you want to know more this link here will help.