Day 12- Contracts

One thing you should always memorize: the contracts. Listing or buying unless you are a specialist. But still good to know both. The contracts are pretty simple. To me the buying contract is the easiest to learn.

Just if you have time once a week go over it. Also looks great with your clients that you know it. Even if you are new, then study it daily. There’s no fault in asking for help understanding something on the contract from another agent.

Also learn where your client will have to sign and initial. Practice signing docs however you can. I use our online system and print out to practice. I don’t know how other companies do theirs but I know how Keller Williams does theirs since I am part of the Keller Williams family in Albany Oregon.

I enjoy doing buyer contracts especially. I like the feeling of helping someone find their home. I don’t believe it’s just a house but their home. My clients trusted me to help them with one of their biggest financial purchases in their life.



Living and Moving with a Pet

Well some may be moving to new area, have to upgrade, or downsize. There’s a reason normally for the move. While you’re thinking what about my furry child be it a cat or dog. It’s hard living with a pet these days if you are renting. Either you aren’t allowed pets, you have to pay extra, or you get the one lucky place that doesn’t mind. But if you can’t find that magical place then comes the question that’s the hardest, what do I do?

So begins the search of a rental. You find out you have to pay extra for the pet. Extra security and extra for rent. You start thinking is it worth putting that much money in? Or you keep finding places that just say no!

So then you start thinking, do I have to find a new home for the furry family member. (I use family member because that’s exactly what they are.) And of course, you want a safe home for them that will be loving to them. They are already sensing the tension of the move. So you want to make it easy for them too. The last resort is the local shelter.

Well then, instead of renting, have you thought of buying? You can almost have the same payments as you pay for rent. It’s just making sure you are checking everything and such. Have a good lender and such who can help you out. Have a real estate broker who understands what you are looking and what you can afford after you talk to a lender.

This way you are no longer renting and have home for the whole family. Or if it’s just you and your pet, still a great thing for the future.

Also if you are buying in the city of Albany, you can only have 2 dogs older than 8 weeks old. Once you are in the outer areas, you can have more. So make sure to look up what the policy is where you decide to move.

The Dreaded Moment: Time to Organize and Pack

It’s that time, the time when you get excited. Because it’s almost time that you will be going to your new home but then you remember one thing. Getting ready and what that entails.

Well first thing first, you obviously have to start packing and going through your items. There are many ways to go about it. It may seem tedious but the job must be done.

So first start with things that aren’t non-essential. Things you won’t need right away or depending on the season, seasonal stuff can be packed away. But still should go through it. Everything needs to be gone through.

Why does everything need be gone through? Because you want to make sure you want to move it. So you may have to hold a garage sale, but otherwise you are going to end up with three categories: keep, giveaway, or trash. I know it sounds annoying, and you wonder why bother?

Well maybe not everything will fit in the new place if you are downsizing. Or maybe you don’t use it anymore. Maybe you have been holding on to it cause you thought, you would use it again one day? Well the time too truly think about it has come. Also make sure to leave just the necessities the closer to move date. That way all you need to do is load and go.

Then make sure you take care of the bills and changing of address for things. Don’t want to make the mistake of not changing that. That way all your mail and is going to right place. Also if you have utilities you need to tie up on your end.