Day 12- Contracts

One thing you should always memorize: the contracts. Listing or buying unless you are a specialist. But still good to know both. The contracts are pretty simple. To me the buying contract is the easiest to learn.

Just if you have time once a week go over it. Also looks great with your clients that you know it. Even if you are new, then study it daily. There’s no fault in asking for help understanding something on the contract from another agent.

Also learn where your client will have to sign and initial. Practice signing docs however you can. I use our online system and print out to practice. I don’t know how other companies do theirs but I know how Keller Williams does theirs since I am part of the Keller Williams family in Albany Oregon.

I enjoy doing buyer contracts especially. I like the feeling of helping someone find their home. I don’t believe it’s just a house¬†but their home. My clients trusted me to help them with one of their biggest financial purchases in their life.



Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

The end of the year has come. Have a good New Year with friends, family, or however you decide to celebrate it.

If you decide to buy or sell your house in this coming year in Albany Oregon. Contact me. My information is on this blog. The Facebook link takes you to my page which also has my information.

Happy New Year!!!