Day 16- Tattoos in the Real Estate Industry

As I’ve most likely stated before I have tattoos. Nothing vulgar or anything bad really. I mean all of mine are easy to cover up. It’s not because I’m a shamed, it’s to make my clients, who don’t like them, comfortable.

Yes, it’s modern day and tattoos aren’t taboo much really.  My company doesn’t mind my tats. I currently have four so far. Key words so far. I do have plans for more but that’s my personal choice. Each one has a meaning for me and I waited until my mid-twenties to get my first. Honestly my four tattoos I have right now I got all in one year.

My first one was about two months after I started this job. And it’s the easiest one to see. It’s my parents’ last name. It’s in honor of my dad. The others are things that make me, me. And I love them. I can tell from first meeting with clients if they will be okay seeing them.

So if you have tattoos, don’t feel like this job isn’t for you. There are agents that use their tattoos to brand themselves, like Tattooed Realtor and others. So don’t be shy. Just get a feel from your clients. It back to the topic of how you should dress.